ready for more reliable funding?

plug into automated donations

no more dialing for dollars

If you have a donor or potential donor who takes credit card payments ask them to switch their payment processing to FundrPro and to choose your organization as their charity. 

Then we donate 25% of our profit from their accounts to your organization.

Unrestricted funds.

Every month. 


For the life of the account.

Just introduce us to your donors and we'll do the rest.

Win-Win Solutions

We meet or beat their current processing rates so they save money.

The funds come out of profits we receive, so they don’t pay anything out of pocket.

Your corporate donors save money

They save money on processing. 

You get funds automatically. 

its easy for your donors to switch to Fundr payments

Our experts will walk your corporate donors through the application and approval process.

When it is time to plug into the new gateway, they’ll have access to world-class IT support.

we make switching easy

And the best part…

The customer experience doesn’t change at all for your donors customers.

we know our stuff

Decades of experience.

More chargeback tools.

Fraud protection.

Solutions tailored to their business needs.

Experienced and Trusted

Your donors can count on us.

start now

the steps to get started

step 1

Identify potential donor partners.

step 2

Invite them to talk with Fundr. 

step 3

We walk them through the application process and get them switched over.

step 4

After your donors start processing payments with Fundr,

you start receiving monthly donations.

The more volume they process, The more donations you receive.