what makes us different

Fundr was created to boost nonprofit fundraising.

We are payment processing, merchant services, retails sales, and non-profit fundraising experts who joined forces to help nonprofits get more consistent revenue.

Meet the Fundr founders

Eric b. johnson

Sales & Operations

Eric brings entrepreneurial, corporate, growth consulting, and non-profit experience to the Fundr leadership team. He’s held executive positions in the payment processing world as Chief of Operations and has led multiple eCommerce brands as an operations and growth marketing executive and fractional CMO. Eric has personally started more than 15 health and wellness eCommerce brands and currently spends a significant amount of time advising online brands in growth mode on customer acquisition and operational framework strategy. 

Eric’s passion is teaching and coaching youth. He’s the Co-founder & President of the 501c3 nonprofit organization, Youth Development Now, which focuses on using sports and team activities to help solve the out-of-control youth mental health crisis. Eric also has extensive experience coaching youth basketball at all ages. During the 2023 NBA All-Star weekend in Salt Lake City, UT, Eric was invited to coach at several NBA youth events. These serve as a springboard launching a multi-year campaign for youth in partnership with the Utah Jazz.

Jackie skinner

Outreach & Impact

Jackie Skinner has spent the majority of her career in the social impact space, having worked for several nonprofits, co-founding a global girls leadership development organization, and leading corporate philanthropy and social responsibility for billion dollar companies. Her professional career has included implementing impact projects all over the world including the US, Peru, Ecuador, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nepal, South Africa, India, and Tajikistan.

Jackie received her BA from Brigham Young University, and is completing a Masters in Public Administration degree at the University of Utah. She has received professional certificates from Cornell University (Financial Success for Nonprofits) and Stanford University (Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Organizational Excellence).

Jackie is passionate about empowering women to be financially independent, supporting refugee resettlement, mentoring youth, and helping businesses create meaningful change in communities around the world. In her free time, you can find her hiking in Utah’s mountains, kayaking rivers and jamming on her harmonica.

Ben Goates

Finance & Strategy

Ben brings nearly two decades as a financial expert in the affordable housing industry. As an investor and lender, he continues to champion housing production for low-income families and seniors.  Ben has been directly involved with raising and deploying over $1B for real estate developments throughout the U.S. to date, both working for and empowering non-profit financial firms, nonprofit developers, and local nonprofit service agencies to benefit underserved communities and their residents.

Ben is wired to be a fixer.  His passion is in giving meaningful service to those in need and using his skillset to help solve problems. This starts with his family, his friends and neighbors, his clients (whom he regards as friends), and extends to all those in his sphere of influence. His motivation to start Fundr is rooted in that drive, as his worldview is that capitalism can and should be harnessed to serve a higher purpose wherever possible.

Steve Lange

Brand & Marketing

Steve brings over 20 years of strategy, retail, product development, and branding experience. He began in strategic consulting before moving on to positions at Neutrogena/ Johnson & Johnson and as an executive at Bath & Body Works. Since leaving the corporate world, Steve has been sharing his expertise with startups seeking to improve lives. 

Steve started his adult life as a missionary in South Africa. He returned home to the US looking for ways to make the world a better place. After a lot of searching, he came to the realization that good companies make good communities. 

Steve is passionate about organizations that focus on poverty, health, wellbeing, and education. He loves getting to the root of problems and is especially focused on improving opportunities for those at highest risk.