make us your giving partner

because we can do more together

How much impact could you have?

More for your charity

We donate 25% of OUR profits from your account each month to the charity of YOUR choice automatically. 

The better your company does, the more your charity receives.

Set it and forget it.

we will save you money

We can meet or beat your current payment processing rates. 

more for your business

Donations come out of our pockets — Not Yours!

No Cost to You.

we're the experts in merchant accounts

Our experts will walk you through the application and approval process. 

Quick, Easy Switchover

When it’s time to switch over, you’ll get world-class IT support for a seamless transition. 

Your customers won’t notice a difference, but your charity will. 

we know our stuff

With decades of experience, we know our way around payment processing. 

Experienced and Trusted Professionals

We have the tools you need:

Chargeback prevention

Fraud protection

Custom payment solutions tailored to your business needs.

Let's Go!

Getting Started

step 1

Contact Fundr for a customized assessment. Our experts will reach out to gather information about your industry, current rates, and monthly sales.

step 2

We walk you through the application process and work to find you the best possible rates to save you money and meet your business needs.

step 3

After approval, which is typically 1 to 3 business days, world-class IT experts will help your team integrate payments into your system.

step 4

And maybe the best part of all

choose your charity

Start Processing Payments, And we start donating.

That’s It!

The Better Your Company Does,

The More Your Nonprofit Receives.