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Frequently Asked Questions

We can get approval in as little as one business day after we receive all needed paperwork.

However, high risk industries can take up to a week.

But don’t worry, our team will keep your application moving through the system.

Yes! Give us the percentages and we’ll divvy it up the way you want.

We transfer funds each month.

Fundr donates out of the profits we receive on our business accounts.

The donation comes out of our pockets – not yours.

We are Public Benefit LLC.

We were set up to give funds to charities rather than just investors or shareholders. 

No. The donation is sent from Fundr to the 501c3 of your choice.

Because we donate our money it is not a write off for your company. 

Yes. We have an extensive network of partners. Many have specialties in servicing high-risk industries.

We’ll get you set up with the right partner.

Absolutely. Fundr has some amazing expertise in vetting charities. We can help make sure your donations are going to charities that have the most impact in the areas you care about.

Yes. Setting up and managing a nonprofit is a lot of work and has some costs associated with it but we can offer consulting services to help with that.

Yes. As long as they are a verified 501c3. 

We have expertise in online, retail, branding, funding, product sourcing, and non-profit organization. We also have a network of complementary partners. We all do better when your company succeeds. 

Contact us and introduce us to the decision makers and our team will meet with them and explain the process. 

Contact Fundr and we will happily meet with your donors to explain how it works and answer their questions.